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Water is the most important substance in our world. Oftentimes, access to clean water is taken for granted, however, even in many parts of our own county, folks lack access to reliable, safe, and affordable drinking water. Of course, water exists in many forms, but most typically we refer to “water systems” as potable/drinking water.

How Your Water Works

Wastewater is typically just potable water which is either consumed or used for daily tasks like cleaning clothes and dishes. No matter how water is used, it is likely discharged to a sanitary sewer system and treated at a wastewater treatment plant before reentering streams and rivers.

Wastewater is rarely talked about in daily life, but is just as important as potable water as it proves that water is infinitely renewable. Recent technology improvements have led to widespread adoption of the “toilet-to-tap” mentality which will allow cities to reuse water by treating back to pristine, drinkable conditions.

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With decades of A&E experience, we use engineering analysis of structures and our judgment to create solutions to unique problems.

Projects vary widely in scope. We usually need to evaluate the current home to be able to evaluate the project scope. We meet on-site to inspect an issue and discuss possible solutions or designs to address them. Design is an iterative process, so we continue dialogue with our clients throughout the process as we refine our preliminary design ideas into a final working solution.

The $275 I spent with LEVEL saved me more than $100,000 in potential repair costs.
Mike E.
Level Engineering came in, understood our situation and quickly turned around a clear concise structural observation letter that allowed me to complete my remodel. Very much appreciated!
Calvin S.
LEVEL came out and analyzed my sagging porch roof, determined it was a supporting post and sunk several inches over time and drew up a plan to jack up the beam, shim the post and attach metal brackets to brace the post and beam. Nice solution at a fair price.
Bill B.
They then helped me navigate communications with the city until they covered the $80,000+ to solve the problem.
Sandra B
We had a fantastic experience getting a structural survey for a home we were purchasing. The engineer Murray was incredibly helpful and friendly too. 10/10 would recommend Level Engineering!
Austin Klemmer
Prompt, knowledgeable, creative and professional.
John Berg


  1. Site visit to evaluate current structure or proposed work
  2. Explain the process and the proposed work to be done
  3. If other professionals are recommended we can refer our clients to them
  4. Provide a letter or drawings for the repairs and define scope of work
  5. Construction observations to ensure integrity throughout the project

When it comes to your home, err on the side of engineering and architecture.

If you’re not sure, have us come to take a look. Most structural projects will require compliance with the city, structural designs, and sound work.

Many issues arise when work is done without engineering or architecture. Save yourself money, time, and stress by reaching out.

Our team will determine if a part of your home is structurally sound or not based on the current building code. If not, we can provide you with drawings for the repairs and connect you with a construction team to finish the project.

Structural engineers analyze, design, plan, and research structural components and structural systems to achieve design goals and ensure the safety and comfort of users or occupants.

Structural engineers analyze, design, plan, and research structural components and structural systems to achieve design goals and ensure the safety and comfort of users or occupants.

When you call our team, we will clarify the details of your project and answer any questions you have before finding a time for one of our experts to come out. Availability varies, so call as soon as you can.

Depends on the project, but can range from a couple of days to a couple of months for custom homes. Depends on the level of complexity involved. Sometimes as early as the same day or during the initial consultation.

Depends on the project. It’s hard for us to know how much it will cost before we see the structure. We will give you the best estimate we can and be transparent throughout the process.

Yes, we actually have a sister company that performs the work. That way, nothing gets lost in translation and work is properly performed by people we trust at the best price.

Reasons To Have a Structural Engineer Home Inspection

  • Obtaining an Engineer’s Letter of Opinion for the purpose of remodeling or selling your home.
  • Getting facts and options regarding your home inspection without potential bias that may exist with various vendors.
  • Having a report of findings from a licensed structural engineer when negotiating with insurance companies regarding repairs to your home.
  • Obtaining answers to common structural engineering questions that impact your decision making process such as: whether the wall you want to move is load bearing, options regarding egress windows, the source of drainage issues, and more.
  • Stamping plans, modification and fixes as required by a municipal building department.
  • Investigating cracks in a foundation, foundation repair or restoration, new foundations for homes or remodels, as well as designing foundations for metal buildings
  • Providing required Certifications and Forensics Reports

Why do I need a LEVEL A&E Expert?

Homeowners frequently request evaluation of contractor work after their project has been paused due to building permit issues. Typically, the construction was not fully up to code, requiring additional construction costs to bring the project up to code.

These extra costs could have been saved if a structural engineer was consulted first.

We are licensed professionals. We provide stamped letters/drawings for permit submission. We have specific knowledge of the structural components of the structure, not just vertical loading, but also horizontal loading from wind and soil pressure. We then use this knowledge to complete a design for the structure to keep it structurally sound and habitable.

What issues can arise if action isn’t taken

Your home is likely your largest asset and the place where you and your family spend the most time. We’ve had many clients who could have saved thousands of dollars if they reached out sooner, so don’t hesitate. We share these to motivate you, not scare you.

  • Permanent structural damage.
  • Home distress
  • Continued movement
  • Dangerous conditions
  • Additional damage can occur
  • Catastrophic failure costing life and property

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not understanding the full scope of work or consequences of inaction
  • Getting into projects without careful planning or permitting
  • Making modifications or removing structural components without hiring a structural engineer
  • In jurisdictions where zoning is required (like Denver), the zoning process, historic evaluation (if required) and other permitting requirements should be evaluated prior to doing the full architectural and structural plans