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Whether you are a real estate agent representing your client through the buying or selling process, a homeowner, or a lending institution, LEVEL Engineering is your independent expert. We specialize in structural inspection, engineering and Architectural services for real estate transactions & underwriting. We serve buyers, sellers, realtors, general inspectors, contractors, investors, and lenders.

Our Real Estate Services

  • We offer schedule flexibility and the ability to perform inspections often within a few days
  • Foundation inspections, framing inspections, and general structural condition.
  • Clarity on next steps and costs to provide buyers the ability to understand any structural issues, and how to fix them.
  • We educate general inspectors.
  • Load-bearing wall inspections, assess structural improvements/modifications, and can provide design drawings related to any structural modifications.
  • We are often directing or connecting additional services (such as CBS) coming in to get an estimate for foundation repair prior to inspection objection deadlines.
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How it Works

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Site visit to evaluate current structure or proposed work

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Explain the process and the proposed work to be done 

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If other professionals are recommended we can refer you to them

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Provide a letter or drawings for the repairs and define scope of work

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Construction observations to ensure integrity throughout the project

We've Helped...

  • Realtors meet tight deadlines
  • Buyers/Sellers/Lenders navigate structural concerns (often foundation)
  • Buyers find peace of mind in a big personal investment
  • Sellers find peace of mind when looking to sell (or counter a seller’s report / offer)
  • General Inspectors/Realtors investigate structural issues on a deeper level
  • Contractors/Investors understand the feasibility of structural changes and how things will fit into the budget.
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How does the process work?

1) We work to ensure they are getting the deliverable they need in a timely manner, whether that is a report by the inspection deadline (typically 2-3 days max) or staying in contact for repairs when purchased. Our communication skills exceed that of many of our competitors because we believe it is our duty to educate the parties, particularly our client, to ensure informed decision making and confident investing.

2) Most times, the Sellers put the property on the market, entertain bids, select a buyer, and establish a contract period. Once that is established, one of those parties contacts our office to schedule and engineer observation. The timeline is always short, our team works to fit it in the schedule.

3) When we arrive on site, we do a visual inspection, a general levelness check, and review any documents or disclosures that may be available. This is typically done in an hour. We then give a verbal report to our client and, with their approval, any other parties present. The Level approach addresses not only areas of concern but “expectation management.” Particularly with older homes, this is the number one aspect the potential Buyers seem to appreciate.

4) If a report is requested, it typically relates to a necessary repair or establishing a dollar amount for negotiation.

5)If issues are identified and the report is written, we will sometimes see the buyer come back and use Level for the repair or remodel services. In this aspect, we are unique in that we can support on many levels.

forensic services

With a diverse background and multiple decades of A&E experience, we use engineering analysis of structures and our judgment to create solutions to unique problems.

Projects vary widely in scope. We usually need to evaluate the current home to be able to evaluate the project scope. We meet on-site to inspect an issue and discuss possible solutions or designs to address them. Design is an iterative process, so we continue dialogue with our clients throughout the process as we refine our preliminary design ideas into a final working solution.

The $275 I spent with LEVEL saved me more than $100,000 in potential repair costs.
Mike E.
Level Engineering came in, understood our situation and quickly turned around a clear concise structural observation letter that allowed me to complete my remodel. Very much appreciated!
Calvin S.
LEVEL came out and analyzed my sagging porch roof, determined it was a supporting post and sunk several inches over time and drew up a plan to jack up the beam, shim the post and attach metal brackets to brace the post and beam. Nice solution at a fair price.
Bill B.
They then helped me navigate communications with the city until they covered the $80,000+ to solve the problem.
Sandra B
We had a fantastic experience getting a structural survey for a home we were purchasing. The engineer Murray was incredibly helpful and friendly too. 10/10 would recommend Level Engineering!
Austin Klemmer
Prompt, knowledgeable, creative and professional.
John Berg

A series created for real estate agents and their clients. Home transactions can be tricky waters to navigate without credible information. We strive to elevate your services to a level above the rest by empowering you with the best education and tools on the topic.

What you Need to Know about Soil

85 million years ago, certain parts of the country were part of the ocean. As the ocean retracted, layers of ground were formed from silt, clay, and different rock components.

These soil elements have left some homes with many different foundation problems. Homeowners and Real Estate Agents only discover this problem when they are buying or selling a property.

3 Steps to Assessing Your Home’s Structural Integrity

why colorado soil is different

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