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Water is the most important substance in our world. Oftentimes, access to clean water is taken for granted, however, even in many parts of our own county, folks lack access to reliable, safe, and affordable drinking water. Of course, water exists in many forms, but most typically we refer to “water systems” as potable/drinking water.

What is Bridge Engineering?

Wastewater is typically just potable water which is either consumed or used for daily tasks like cleaning clothes and dishes. No matter how water is used, it is likely discharged to a sanitary sewer system and treated at a wastewater treatment plant before reentering streams and rivers.

Wastewater is rarely talked about in daily life, but is just as important as potable water as it proves that water is infinitely renewable. Recent technology improvements have led to widespread adoption of the “toilet-to-tap” mentality which will allow cities to reuse water by treating back to pristine, drinkable conditions.

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Our Commercial Services

Architects, builders, developers, property managers reach out to for:

  • Architecture
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • 3D Rendering
  • Design
  • Structural Engineer building Inspection
  • Load bearing wall removal
  • Custom building Design
  • New building design
  • Additions & Remodels
  • Deck & Patio Additions
  • Enclosing decks or covered patios.
  • Retaining Walls
  • Foundation inspection
  • Foundation cracking or movement
  • Beams and Columns
  • Settlement / Erosion
  • Owner Representation
  • Accidents & Failures
  • Shoring plans
  • Grading & Drainage Plans
  • Garage or ADU additions
  • Steel detailing
  • Fire Damage
  • Roof load calculations
  • Drywall cracking and doors / windows not opening.
  • Adding doors or windows
  • Adding square footage to an existing building
  • Pop tops (adding a second story on top of the existing house)
  • Stairs relocation
  • Egress windows
  • Roofing Systems / Trusses
  • Roof load calculations
  • Structural Damage
  • Water Intrusion
  • Premises Liability
  • Private Bridges
  • Forensics & Legal
  • Investigating cracks in a foundation or interior or exterior walls
  • Designing a foundation repair or restoration
  • Designing new foundations for commercial buildings
  • Providing certification and forensics reports
  • Designing foundations for metal buildings
  • Changing use
  • Problems with existing buildings, civil infrastructure (drainage, water)
  • Architect support
forensic services

With decades of A&E experience, we use engineering analysis of structures and our judgment to create solutions to unique problems.

Projects vary widely in scope. We usually need to evaluate the current home to be able to evaluate the project scope. We meet on-site to inspect an issue and discuss possible solutions or designs to address them. Design is an iterative process, so we continue dialogue with our clients throughout the process as we refine our preliminary design ideas into a final working solution.