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Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Foundation Engineering, ​Stabilization, Repair and New Builds

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Level Engineering: Your trusted local foundation engineer


Level Engineering offers a comprehensive range of foundation engineering services carried out by our experienced foundation engineers and foundation repair specialists. When it comes to foundation repair, our foundation engineers assess all possible solutions to offer a complete fix to your foundation problems.

No matter the size or complexity of the structure, when it comes to repairing building supports there is no alternative to the skills of a qualified structural engineer. There are hundreds of products out there claiming to be the ultimate one-size fits all solution and many salesmen that make good money selling them to you. The truth is, these products may be well engineered, but there is simply no one size fits all solution for foundation engineering.

Your foundation is the point of contact between your building and the ever changing natural environment. And any issues will require a qualified structural engineer to assess this environment and provide a designed solution to your specific situation.

Whether you are a commercial real estate owner, property manager, or building contractor , it’s important to consult a structural Engineer prior to beginning work on foundation repair related projects.

Why contact our foundation repair specialists ?

Many factors can lead to foundation damage and in most cases you will require a specialist to design a tailored solution. Here are a few of the services you can expect from a foundation engineer or foundation repair specialist at Level Engineering. 

  • Investigating cracks in interior or exterior walls
  • Tailored foundation repair design or restoration
  • Designing new support structures for commercial buildings
  • Providing certification and forensics reports
  • Designing foundations for metal buildings
  • Soil testing and inspection
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Our Foundation Services include:

  • Residential and commercial
  • Structural design
  • Structural evaluation and analysis
  • Retrofitting design
  • Repair design
  • Stabilization design
  • Evaluation and permit repair drawings to aid in the repair of foundations.
  • Design of a new footing
  • Reinforcing of the existing foundations.

Tailored Solutions by Expert foundation engineers.

Expert Foundation Engineers

A foundation engineer is a structural engineer that specializes in foundation repair to deliver thorough assessments and recommend effective repairs. Where many contractors simply send salesmen to deal with any foundation problem or design with a “One size fits all solution”. Product was engineered but not the solution to your problem. Level Engineering offers a comprehensive Foundation Solution that is tailored to your specific situation by a qualified foundation repair specialist.

Foundation Repair Specialists

If your house is experiencing foundation problems such as cracks, settlements, or instability, our foundation repair specialists are ready to assist. A foundation engineer will utilize advanced techniques and industry best practices to restore the integrity of your foundation and prevent further damage.

Professional Assessments and Recommendations

Contact Level engineering to have a foundation engineer conduct a detailed inspection and assessments to diagnose foundation issues accurately. From there, we provide actionable recommendations and repair plans tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a safe anAd stable foundation for your building. We work closely with foundation repair contractors to ensure that all boxes are ticked in terms of quality and compliance

Quality Foundation Repair Services

Whether it’s fixing cracks, reinforcing footings, or stabilizing helical piers, our team of Foundation Engineers is committed to delivering tailored repair services that stand the test of time. From initial inspection to drawing up detailed construction plans, Level offers top quality services backed by the expertise of a skilled structural engineer.

Why Choose Level Engineering?

Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises licensed structural engineers and professional engineers with experience in commercial and residential projects. We bring decades of combined expertise to every project, offering solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Thorough Assessments by a qualified engineer

We understand that every foundation problem is unique, which is why a qualified structural engineer’s inspection is the only sure way to determine the root causes and extent of damage. We will send out a qualified engineer to assess your structure and propose a complete fix for repairing the integrity of your most valuable asset.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is our top priority, and we adhere to industry best practices and safety standards throughout every stage of a project process. We also ensure that all our designs and repairs comply with relevant building codes and regulations.

When foundation repairs may be needed?

Whether you have a suspended concrete slab or slab on grade foundation there are two main reasons they may require repairs: 1) Changes in the surrounding soil or 2) Inadequate design. Below is more detail

  1. Soil Instability Different types of soil pose unique challenges to building’s structure. Expansive soils, such as those found in the Front Range region, can cause significant swelling and shrinkage, leading to foundation movement and cracks. Collapsible soils, on the other hand, can suddenly compress, causing settlements and structural issues. Even building a foundation on rock has unique challenges.
  2. Natural Events and Disasters Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes can exert tremendous forces on structures, potentially compromising their foundations. Our engineers conduct seismic assessments, develop retrofitting designs for earthquake-prone areas, and recommend flood-resistant foundation strategies to enhance structural resilience.
  3. Environmental Factors Environmental factors such as groundwater fluctuations, frost heave, and erosion can also impact ground stability. Our team evaluates these environmental risks and implements preventive measures such as drainage systems, moisture barriers, and erosion control strategies to protect foundations from moisture-related damage and soil instability.
  4. Poor Quality Materials Using substandard materials during construction can lead to problems over time. Cracks, settlements, and structural weaknesses may arise due to poor concrete quality, inadequate reinforcement, or improper construction techniques. Our team performs thorough inspections, identifies material-related issues, and devises repair or strengthening plans to rectify deficiencies and ensure long-term durability.
  5. Inadequate Design Inadequate or flawed designs can result in a range of issues, from insufficient load-bearing capacity to uneven settlements. Our engineers leverage their extensive experience in foundation design to create a robust foundation repair solution that account for site-specific conditions, structural loads, and regulatory requirements. Whether it’s designing new foundations or retrofitting existing ones, we prioritize structural integrity and longevity in our designs.
  6. Structural Aging and Deterioration Over time, structures can experience aging and deterioration due to wear and tear, chemical reactions, and environmental exposure.

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