Load Bearing Wall Removal

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Removing a wall can greatly enhance the feel of your home by making it appear larger and more open. To determine whether or not a wall is load bearing requires a licensed structural engineer, who can also advise on how to safely remove it while maintaining the structural integrity of the house. We’ve seen too many homeowners take the wrong steps and end up with serious structural damage. Give us a call and move forward with confidence.

Is My Wall Load Bearing?

One of the most common requests we get is to assess or remove a load bearing wall.

If you are considering removing a wall in your home to open up a space, bring in more natural light, or merge two rooms, it is important to ensure that your house remains structurally sound during the process. To do this, you will need to determine whether the wall is a partition wall or a load-bearing wall.

A partition wall does not bear any of the weight of the house and serves only to divide spaces, while a load-bearing wall is responsible for supporting the roof and/or floor, and transfers the weight of the house to the foundation.


load bearing wall removal
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How does it work?

There are a few important steps to take before making any structural changes.

  • Assessment
  • Design plans
  • Do you need a permit?
  • Safe wall removal
  • Beam installation (if necessary)
  • Finishing
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With decades of A&E experience, we use engineering analysis of structures and our judgment to create solutions to unique problems.

Projects vary widely in scope. We usually need to evaluate the current structure to be able to evaluate the project scope. We meet on-site to inspect an issue and discuss possible solutions or designs to address them. Design is an iterative process, so we continue dialogue with our clients throughout the process as we refine our preliminary design ideas into a final working solution.

The $275 I spent with LEVEL saved me more than $100,000 in potential repair costs.
Mike E.
Level Engineering came in, understood our situation and quickly turned around a clear concise structural observation letter that allowed me to complete my remodel. Very much appreciated!
Calvin S.
LEVEL came out and analyzed my sagging porch roof, determined it was a supporting post and sunk several inches over time and drew up a plan to jack up the beam, shim the post and attach metal brackets to brace the post and beam. Nice solution at a fair price.
Bill B.
They then helped me navigate communications with the city until they covered the $80,000+ to solve the problem.
Sandra B
We had a fantastic experience getting a structural survey for a home we were purchasing. The engineer Murray was incredibly helpful and friendly too. 10/10 would recommend Level Engineering!
Austin Klemmer
Prompt, knowledgeable, creative and professional.
John Berg

How it Works

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Site visit to evaluate the foundation.

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If needed, we can provide a letter or drawings for the repairs and define scope of work.

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We will refer one of our wall removal specialists.

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Construction observations to ensure integrity throughout the project.

How to Remove a Load Bearing Wall?

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