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The Independent Solar Solution

Guidance, navigation and advocacy for those who choose solar

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Avoid the Solar Company “pitch” (they’re all the same)

We provide you with the knowledge and support to make the switch to solar power. With our expert guidance, navigation, and advocacy, we’ll help you every step of the way as you embark on this exciting journey towards a sustainable future.

Whether you’re looking to save money on your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, or increase the value of your home, we’re here to help you make an informed decision about going solar. Let’s explore how we can work together to bring clean, renewable energy to your home.

The independent Solar Solution helps you choose the best system with optimized financing and  tax credits.

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Genesee Colorado solar installation

Level Engineering offers:

“The Independent Solar Solution”

From your first discussion about solar, for your residence or your business, till your system is fully functioning, Level Engineering will be YOUR Advocate. For one low initial investment we offer 3 main solutions:

The independent Solar Solution helps you choose the best system with optimized financing and  tax credits.

  1. Evaluate all sales proposals you have received and give you useful input before you sign. We also have preferred vendors in your area if you want to use our vendors who we have a past relationship.

  2. We are with you from beginning to end to answer any and all questions you may have during the time you move from getting your power from the power company to getting it from your roof where you end up with a power bill that never goes up and never fluctuates.

  3. We analyze design, finance, warranties and guarantees and especially those relevant questions that come up when getting that perfect system. We generate questions you may not have thought of and make sure they are part of the final system that ends up providing low cost electricity for years.

How it Works

We use state of the art technology to find out exactly what going solar would look like for you and your property.

The Independent Solar Solution

Power companies continue to raise your electricity rates at every opportunity. In Denver Colorado Xcel Energy raised rates by 40.5% in 2022 and published plans to raise the rates by 18.9% in 2023. For this reason, lots of people are going solar.

The Economic Benefits of Going Solar


*Example from home estimation. Find out your numbers, fill out the form below and we’ll run through your property with you.

  • According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, solar panels can add an average of $15,000 to the value of a home.
  • Solar panels can protect homeowners from rising energy costs and provide a stable, predictable source of electricity.
  • Solar panels require minimal maintenance and have no fuel costs, resulting in significant cost savings over time.
  • A study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that homes with solar panels sell faster and at a higher price than homes without solar panels.
  • Solar panels can help homeowners avoid costly power outages during extreme weather events.

Guidance, navigation and advocacy for those who choose solar


How it Works

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The Environmental Benefits of Going Solar


*Example from home estimation. Find out your numbers, fill out the form below and we’ll run through your property with you.

  • Solar energy produces no greenhouse gas emissions, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of a home and combat climate change.
  • The average residential solar system can offset the equivalent of 100,000 pounds of CO2 emissions over its lifetime.
  • According to the Department of Energy, solar panels can reduce water consumption by power plants by more than 80%.
  • According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the widespread adoption of solar energy could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 27%.
  • Solar panels can help to reduce the urban heat island effect by absorbing sunlight instead of reflecting it back into the environment.
  • Solar panels can help to preserve natural habitats by reducing the need for land-intensive energy sources like coal and natural gas.
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Power companies will raise prices at every opportunity. They install a “smart meter” to increase your rates. With Solar, your rates remain stable and in your control – your monthly payment never increases.

When you go solar, you get discounted power and free gasoline (if you have an electric car). You also eliminate your power bill at retirement.

There are many ways to save with Solar. Typical Savings is about 61-68% of the total power bill. You can also receive a tax credit for between 42% to 48% of the total that is paid depending on your situation.

After a home has solar installed, it goes up in value on average by 4.1%


Mike Eggelston Garage 1 1

 (84 solar panels) I felt fortunate to work with Alan Davis of Level Engineering to do our solar. We found Level Engineering on the Rush to Reason show on 560KLT. The crew was very professional and swept up every night before they left the site. I am very conscious of quality electrical work and the electrical work was very clean and high quality — some of the best I have seen. We enjoyed the fact that our Project Manager was a Civil Engineer and our one point of contact. We had never planned to get solar but we had a need for a tax credit and that came out to be more than 50% of the investment in the system. Level Engineering has a simple way to monitor system performance which we check along with the installer and can see any issues with our system. 

Mike and Carrie - CO

I met Alan on John Rush’s show called Rush to Reason. Alan Davis and Level Engineering really put in the extra effort to make sure our solar and backup power system was done correctly. I felt very fortunate to have worked with them. Now I have no power bill and peace of mind that when my power goes out I have backup power. We are in a remote location in Lake George Colorado and have a need for continuous power that is independent of the grid.

John Hartelt - Lake George,CO

We were fortunate to have met Alan Davis from Level Engineering. Due to our Decra roof type we had repeatedly been unsuccessful in finding installers capable of working on our roof and were beginning to think that installing solar would be impossible without making significant (and unwanted) changes to our roof. We had solar on our past home and were very interested in getting it again. We ended up using The Solar Wave and we were very pleased with the overall experience. The approval and installation process went smoothly – the system has already produced significant energy savings and we expect a large tax credit as well. We could not be happier with the entire experience.

Kris & Suzy - Golden, CO

My family had a system installed by The Solar Wave with Level Engineering working as the project manager (PM). I liked the overall arrangement since I was able to contact the PM with my questions, as my single point of contact, and he was responsive. During the project I got a report every two weeks and was able to determine the exact progress and time to completion. Our project involved installing both batteries and a generator for backup power.

When an upgraded system became available it would have been easy for the PM to not get involved with the upgrade and finish easier but the PM elected to get that for us as it would be highly beneficial and a substantial upgrade.

The upgrade created a wrinkle with delivery time uncertain. The project ended up being very challenging. The system is on and charging the batteries while powering the house to some extent. One thing I love that’s rarely mentioned and we confirmed during testing yesterday is the batteries give you a UPS, uninterrupted power supply so no clocks, computers to reset etc. or power surges.

It’s really nice to have a state of the art system that mitigates our power bill and has backup power in the event of weather, solar flares or cyber-attacks to the grid that causes an interruption to our power supply. There is great pride of ownership and we are excited to have such a high-quality system.

Paul Ebhardt - CO

Deep Dive

We use state of the art technology to find out exactly what going solar would look like for you and your property.

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