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Level Design Partners, Inc.

At LEVEL Design Partners, we are out to transform the way residential engineering, architecture and design get done – at every LEVEL – by providing innovative solutions in an emerging marketing, nationwide.

Traditional architecture and engineering firms have massive overhead and cubicle-thinking. Often mired in bureaucracy, architects and engineers can operate as cogs in a wheel – waiting for years to step up into a more senior position (with commensurate decision making and compensation) only to have, in some cases, the company sold, the market shift or politics prevail.

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We are growing a team of architects and engineers who want a different path.

A path that….

  • Brings a 21st Century work environment to engineering & architecture
  • Mobile and Flexible
  • Agile and collaborative
  • No brick and mortar, work from anywhere
  • Encourages entrepreneurship and co-creation
  • Builds long-term wealth while providing a great current income
  • Rewards working together and team success
  • Solves real-world problems with commonsense solutions

Our unique business model is perfect for Engineers & Architects who…

  • Have an entrepreneurial drive & want to build a future they can count on or
  • Are raising a family and want to contribute their skills and talents part-time, on their own schedule or
  • Are retired / semi-retired and want to continue to be of service & with flexibility to ramp up or ramp down the work load depending what else they have going on


If you are a licensed PE in the United States and want to learn more about LEVEL DESIGN PARTNERS, send an email to: info [at] leveldesignpartners.com

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