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Open Interview Discussion

Join our weekly call where the Founder, Scott Zurn, P.E., discusses the opportunities Level Engineering & Architecture has and answers any questions you may have. If you’re interested, we can schedule a 1-1 call afterwards.

Tuesdays @ 10:00 AM EDT

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We are an expanding network of expert architects and engineers offering commercial and residential structural engineering design, architecture and inspection consulting services, and public/private Civil infrastructure.

With an extensive background in architecture and engineering, we have come together to create a strong, yet agile team of design and business professionals. We have a common vision to help improve the industry and serve the people who need us most.

Opportunities for Growth

A nationwide company with engineers and architects licensed in Colorado, Wyoming, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Utah, West Virginia, Alabama, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, California, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Montana, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Hawaii.

We are expanding across the country and are looking for entrepreneurial engineers and architects to join our team.

We are out to transform the way Architecture and Engineering design is done in the U.S


At Level Engineering and Architecture , we are out to transform the way architecture and engineering design is done in the U.S. – at every LEVEL – by providing innovative solutions in an emerging market, nationwide.

Traditional architecture and engineering firms have massive overhead and a cubicle-thinking mindset. Often mired in bureaucracy, architects and engineers can operate as cogs in a wheel – waiting for years to step up into a more senior position only to have, in some cases, the company sold, the market shift or politics prevail.

Based on current member data, this model allows for the tripling of average career earnings. Level Engineering and Architecture is a career long choice – your future is in your hands.
We are a public benefit corporation, committed to social and public good, and operating in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Purposes & Values

We stay true to our Purposes and Values in all ways we conduct business. If these values speak to you, then by joining LEVEL you will be among good company and friends…and completing each day with a higher sense of accomplishment.


The Public Benefit purposes are:

Our Values are:

We are growing a team of engineers and architects who want a different path.

A Path that…

Our unique business model is perfect for engineers and architects who…

Open Positions

Below you will find open positions to work or partner with LEVEL Engineering. Read through the entire job post and follow the instruction to apply. Join our open interview live calls to further understand the opportunities.

Job Title: Structural Engineer

Job Details: Pay: $80,000.00-$175,000 per year

Job Type: Full Time

Schedule: Flexible

Benefits: Flexible Schedule, Hybrid Environment

Job Description:

The purpose of Level Engineering and Architecture is – people. Using a modern approach and efficient business strategy, we are able to facilitate a thriving environment for design professionals; uniquely created to maintain a work life balance. We are a collaborative group of independent designers, working within a powerfully unique business model. Level and its sister companies were created to meet the needs of an emerging market of the 21st century. Our goal? To foster the success of U.S.-based design professionals who are working and contributing to the built world.

Are you expecting more from your career? You are not alone. We invite you to learn more about becoming part of the Level Engineering and Archictures’s team of professionals.

Level Engineering and Architecture has one mission: to modernize the way our industry does business with a new and innovative commitment to design professionals and their success.

With us, you are able to:

  • Choose your own, flexible schedule and maintain a real work-life balance.
  • Freedom to select the type of work that fits your skill set and interests.
  • Operate in a no-cap financial environment
  • Benefit from a team-minded mentoring environment
  • Collaborate with a nationwide team of engineers and architects to gain insight and new knowledge
  • Be part of a people-centric organization

Are you a licensed Civil or Structural engineer, who:

  • Has confidence in your ability to deliver complete client solutions?
  • Communicate well, both verbally and in writing?
  • Enjoy having direct client relationships?
  • A natural leader and decision maker?


  • 6+ years of experience
  • Field experience
  • Forensics & Real Estate
  • Project Management experience
  • Interest in small and medium projects for residential and commercial

If you are ready for a new way of working and a new level of reward, you may be our next team member.


Please fill out the form below and attach your resume and a cover letter. You must be authorized to work in the United States. You can expect to hear back from our recruitment team within 4 days. If you want to learn more, sign up for one of our Open Interview Discussions on the top of this page.

Civil / Structural Engineering writer / content creator

The ideal candidate is a civil/structural engineer and possesses a passion for writing and an innovative ability to connect a business to its customers using stories and marketing campaigns.

You will be responsible for writing 2-4 articles per month and posting on social media.

We are a Structural Engineering (A&E) company with a unique business model designed to meet the needs of an emerging market with a 21st Century work environment. We are growing nationally and are looking for an experienced Civil / Structural Engineer who loves to write.

Our company is growing fast and we need someone to help us create content (articles, press releases, social media posts). You will work directly with someone to help guide and edit your writing. Work remotely in this part-time role.

We’ve hired writers with little to no engineering experience and it wasn’t what we were looking for. Take a look at some of our past articles to see if this is something you feel comfortable writing about.


help us create content (articles, press releases, social media posts)
Work closely with marketing team members
Optimize content using SEO best practices
Post on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn)


Per project basis: starting at $100 per project.

Project includes 500-word article, 3 social posts, posting to social media. Ownership of project start to finish. Using team and resources to get what you need to create and publish project content.

We will need to grow this role into a full-time role for the right candidate.


  • Office virtually
  • Flexible schedule
  • Mentorship, training, & support
  • Modern business model


  • Currently in school for or have studied Civil / structural Engineering before (must have a good amount of expertise around this subject)
  • Writing skills
  • Communication skills

Please Do NOT apply if:

  • You are not a civil / structural engineer
  • Have little to no writing experience


Fill out the form below to Apply. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 720-408-0119