COVID-19 On-site Protocol

COVID-19 Notice: Level Engineering adopts Personal Protective Equipment Standard Practices

Level Engineering employees will adopt the practices below to ensure that we are minimizing risks for our staff and our clients as we navigate the COVID-19 outbreak.

New Safety Protocols we are implementing at this time

Your LEVEL Engineer arrives to the site with Personal Protective Equipment

6 feet

Meet to discuss your project at a distance of 6 ft or more. (ie: outside, a large meeting room, etc.)

6 feet 1

Your Engineer will then put on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) following the CDC guidlines resizeimage

While wearing PPE, the Engineer completes the inspection, discusses findings and receives payment.

Sequence for putting on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


  • Secure ties or elastic at middle of head and neck
  • Fit flexible band to nose bridge 
  • Fit snug to face and below chin


  • Extend to cover wrist of clothing

How to safely remove Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE)


  • Outside of gloves are contaminated
  • If your hands get contaminated during glove removal, immediately wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Using a gloved hand, grasp the palm area of the other gloved hand and peel off first glove
  • Hold removed glove in gloved hand
    Slide fingers of ungloved hand under remaining glove at wrist and peel off second glove over first glove
  • Discard gloves in a waste container


  • Front of mask is contaminated – do not touch
    If your hands get contaminated during mask/respirator removal, immediately wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Grasp bottom ties or elastics of the mask/respirator, then the ones at the top, and remove without touching the front
  • Discard in a waste container
  • Wash hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer immediately after removing all PPE

Safe work Practices

Our engineers are always utilizing safe work practices:

  • Keeping hands away from face
  • Limiting surfaces touched
  • Changing gloves when torn or heavily contaminated
  • Performing hand hygiene
  • Staying at home if feeling sick or unwell

Customer Service

Modifications are being made to our customer service experience in order to provide a safe environment for you and our engineers. We thank you for your flexibility and business during these times. We are working hard to keep our team and our clients safe.

  • Arrival & Introduction: When the engineer arrives at your home, we ask that you meet the engineer outside at a safe distance of 6ft away. The engineer can discuss your structural concerns and observations and then proceed with the inspection as required. You are welcome to stay outside of the home or property during the inspection if you’d like.

  • Payment & Paperwork: We are not requiring signatures for payments at this time to reduce contact with surfaces.