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Stabilization System for Apartment Stairwell

Level Engineering was asked to inspect a commercial apartment complex that had been issued a notice of unsafe structure. This particular project had exterior stairs for access to each of the units within the building. The stairs were made of both steel and concrete. The steel was starting to corrode badly and the concrete was deteriorated. 

Structural connections of the exterior stairs and walkways were compromised and the concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall was starting to fail.

Our engineer designed a temporary stabilization system for the stairway to support the stairs for continued occupation and until the stairs could be completely rebuilt.


The engineer performed an analysis of the existing stairs and building structure, then designed a permanent steel framing system to safely restore and support the stairs, at minimal cost.

During the analysis, they also modeled the structure in 3D and provided structural repair plans to the owner. They worked with the contractor to ensure a quality product for the owner of the building. All of this work was performed on an accelerated timeline to ensure the safety of the building and the occupants.

Level Engineering provides common-sense solutions for a myriad of commercial structural challenges. We are experts in forensic evaluations, code compliance, and creative solutions. Level engineering has comprehensive design and construction backgrounds with over 150 years of combined field experience.

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